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Expert in Enterprise Resource Planning


Abuja, Nigeria
Ingénierie, Recherche et Développement
Expert in Enterprise Resource Planning, Nigeria (Abuja and regions)

Contrat : Long-terme
Date limite de candidature : 21/06/2021
Lieu : Nigeria (Abuja and regions)
Projet : Consultancy Services on Technical Assistance for product development on the project of Enhancing vocational training delivery for the power sector in Nigeria

Technical Assistance in identifying the Educational ERP system requirement and planning for deployment

For delivering an effective training programme an education institution needs the best tools for their management practices, carrying out their administrative and academic tasks for managing the education process that are cost efficient and lead to optimal solutions. Essential activities directly linked to course management benefit from the close integration of the processes can reduce the amount of manhours spent, offer a speedier response and reduce costs. The technical assistance should be directed toward identifying and mapping the processes which can be adapted for application of an integrated ERP. The process not limited to are indicated below.

a.     Admission / fee management system

b.    Student management system

c.     Programme and course management including examination/grades system

d.    Facilities and logistics management

e.     Asset management

The system recommended should at least offer following benefits and features to become effective. The technical assistance should identify the benefits and also provide Benefit-to-Cost Ratio.

a.     Detailed reports and analysis of captured data

b.    Integrated and efficient communication with students, faculty, Alumni and management

c.     Data security and privacy protection as per the applicable laws of Nigeria (e.g. NDPR) and prevalent practices in the industry

d.    Data resiliency and backup system

Naptin has 8 RTC’s along with Abuja HQ. The technical assistance should consider both options of ON PREMISES system and cloud-based software and provide a comparisons of both clearly outlining the differences for deployment and operational phase.

The shortlisted solution configuration should be detailed enough on the hardware and software requirements to enable NAPTIN initiate a procurement planning document (PPSD). It is essential that both deployment and lifecycle costs are identified for budgeting purposes.

Qualifications and skills

Bachelor's degree computer science, or software engineering with a minimum of 10 years of work experience in ICT’s area 
Competences in the design, integration and improvement of IT systems
Excellent command of written and spoken English.

General professional experience

A minimum of 7 years of experience such as ERP systems specialist
A minimum of 7 years of experience such as Information Systems analyst in public or private company.

Specific professional experience

A minimum of 3 years of working experience in the implementation of a management information system (MIS)
Preferably 1 year of working experience in the field of training for public utilities.
Référence SOFRECO : PF11376-LHO

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